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The advent of GPS trackers has revolutionized the way people locate their vehicles as well as other important things. These days, the GPS tracking devices are probably the most vital technological inventions for vehicular fleet owners, freight industry, police and marines etc.

What is the GPS Tracking System?

A GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system that allows the users to track the device’s movements and determine its location. If you are travelling to the unknown places, GPS tracker can help you in reaching the location quickly. These GPS Trackers are highly used for a variety of purposes, such as in cars, trucks and cell phones. GPS trackers enable you to read the geographical co-ordinates and translate them in to pictures of the target’s movement by a specific location using mapping software program.

GPS tracking device is used as a safety precaution in the event if any vehicle is stolen or in danger. The most common use of the GPS tracking system is seen in the automobile digital maps which have become a good source for helping drivers in finding the new locations.

The basic information provided by the GPS Tracking system is the location of information in terms of latitude and longitude. Running on the software that translates the data in a readable and useful format, the GPS Tracking system can either be used for personal use or vehicle management.


Here are some features provided by the GPS tracking software:

Live Tracking : This particular feature allows the user to track the person or vehicle live on Google maps that depend on the place, time and network.

Important Notifications : It makes the search of some places easy as the users get a mobile notification that confirms the arrival or departure of vehicle or person.

Travel History: Knowing the previous travel records with time and address is of great help and can make your journey easy. The interface can show the past records and travel route on a play video mode where a user can pause to get the details.

There are three types of GPS Trackers:

Data loggers

A GPS data logger is designed for the purpose to log the position of the GPS tracker device at regular intervals of time within its internal memory in the form of a memory card slot. Some GPS loggers function as USB flash drivers from where the track log data can be downloaded into a computer and subjected to further analysis.

Data pushers

GPS data pushers are also known as GPS-beacon, which conveys the position to a pre-determined server at regular intervals. This is quite a cost-effective way and is widely used in business environments like commercial fleets for transmitting location as well as data at regular intervals including updates. The various applications of this device include the law enforcement department, vehicle tracking, and surveillance, monitoring employees in the offices, asset tracking, and aircraft trackers.

Data pullers

GPS data pullers or also called as GPS transponders. It is always available on the ON mode and can be checked upon as frequently as possible. The very common example of this device is a computer connected device to the internet and running gpsd that receives data from a GPS receiver.

The users do not need to think which vehicle they are using as the GPS devices are compatible with all vehicles including car, bus, truck, and bike etc. This is the great advantage of the GPS tracking systems as they are highly compatible to Updates business needs.

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Here are some important Features provided by GPS tracking system:

1. Automatic On-Off: This is one of the important features that make the vehicle ultra-secure is engine access remotely using the mobile app. The user can switch-on and switch-off the engine from anywhere.

2. Driver Dispatching: The driver dispatching feature can help the trucking companies in many ways. It can raise the revenue by fitting more service request and can improve the safety by reducing driver distraction with voice-guided directions. This feature will let the drivers save their time by taking the most direct route.

3. Safe-Zone marking: it offers the users to work as per their priority by letting the users mark circular areas and manage the safe-zone.

4. Multiple Vehicles on the Single platform: This particular feature let the users manage multiple vehicles on a single mobile or desktop dashboard for management of n number of vehicles.

5. Real-time mapping: The GPS tracking system featuring real-time mapping is considered to be among the most essential ones. The best GPS tracking systems are partnered with the well-known mapping partners.

6. Analytical Graphs: This feature is quite helpful in knowing the total distance covered runtime for which vehicle was moving, the exact time for which the engine was on, average and maximum speed etc.

These GPS Gadgets can easily be obtained in boats, vehicles, motorbikes, as well as in wrist watches. The GPS watches are in huge trend not only to the youngsters but for the old people also who are concerned about their health. The most attractive feature that these watches contain is GPS functionality.

The wrist watch is the most commonly used gadget offering GPS facility which is increasingly being used by both athletes and the non-athletic people.

The GPS Watches are designed to contain not only a single or two features but multiple! They can exactly measure several things such as:

  • Time
  • Pace
  • Altitude
  • Heart rate
  • Speed
  • Distance


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When planning to buy GPS watch, everyone looks for the top brand that offered the latest features. GPS and GPS are the popular GPS brands. Their products are more user-friendly and require minimum learning or, memorization. More than 50% of the world GPS market is captured by these brands.

If you are buying a GPS for the first time, then it is better to choose from GPS Nuvi models. All Nuvi models speak street names and provide multi-destination routing, lifetime traffic, speed limit display, and lane assist etc. With the update map data on your Nuvi device, you won’t get lost and can find precise locations. Once you buy the GPS product, the very concerned thing that comes in mind is the “How to update GPS GPS”? It is all possible with the GPS express, which is a tool to enable you to manage your GPS GPS device from your computer. GPS express has been specifically designed to update your maps, register your device, and update the GPS software. The users can even download the free map update from my GPS. GPS express login allows the user to manage, update, and register your GPS devices using your system. You can get the best out of your GPS device with the use of right kind of GPS accessories.

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GPS is the leading brand offering a lot of products including watches in various models and other handheld devices. For various models available in GPS watches, GPS forerunner is considered as the most durable, light weight and comfortable. The GPS Etrex handheld GPS device is waterproof with intuitive buttons, easy to use features and light weight body. GPS Zumo series are built and tested to meet motorcycle riders specific GPS needs. Mountain bike mount is designed specifically for bikes. It is ideal when you may not want your GPS edge bike computer mounted in front of your handlebar. For outdoor activities, Foretrex is GPS navigator that combines a high-sensitivity waterproof GPS receiver, electronic compass and barometric altimeter. The GPS products are best, cheap, portable and easily available on sale.

A GPS GPS is better than a GPS or a GPS in certain cases, while in other situations, a GPS model may turn out to be the best. Also, the map updates for both GPS and GPS are possible free of cost with some easy steps. It is difficult to check the similarity or the difference between GPS, GPS and GPS. All are best in their own way. As a customer, you need to focus on the most critical components of a GPS unit, the routing engine and map accuracy. Compare the prices and features to get the best one as per your needs.

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