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Do you want a reliable and rock-solid internet connection in your home or workplace? It greatly depends on the selection of modem router. A network router is the main component or device that analyzes the content of data packet to be transmitted within a network. Based on its understanding, the router decides whether both source and destination are sharing the same network for transferring data or whether the data must be transmitted from one network type to another that usually needs encapsulating the data packet using routing protocol header information for the different networks.

A router can be categorized into two categories- one is wired and another is wireless. But, both types of routers perform the same function i.e. connect the multiple networks.

Let’s have a detailed look at the functionality of a router

Router has the access to the IP address i.e. logical address or network layer address. And, it creates a table named router table to maintain the information of all available routes and use the stored information to determine the best possible paths between the sender and the receiver.

It can be said as a dispatcher which takes care of the transmission of the information packet. If networks are able to connect with one another, this is just because of the router!

There are four famous types of Routers Installation & Setup :


Modems & routers, switches, and wifi routers are the top-rated and world’s fastest wifi router. DSL and wi-fi routers offer solid Wi-Fi signals. router features beforming+ for optimum speed and range, dual bands and easy installation.


Another router brand which is quite famous in the world is the router. The router is renowned for its speedy performance and several other useful features smart design, faster processors and Broadcom chipsets and more memory.



Wireless router can be connected to any DSL, Cable and NBN modem to develop a secure network to share your internet connection. With modern generation wifi technology, routers feature the ultra-fast speed of internet on your wireless network, Gaming router and 4k streaming of multiple devices, reliable coverage, dual core processor etc.


Wireless router is an ideal option in terms of internet speed and interruption of sensitive applications. The customization and easy operability of the router makes it different from others. The installation and management of router is quick and simple.


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Which is the best option?

These days, wifi router or wifi modem is tremendously used by the people. One of the basic reasons behind this is the eliminated use of wired connections, which are usually hard to connect and deal with.

Here are some features of the wifi routers:

Connectivity- Wifi routers allow you to share a single internet connection among multiple devices. Even without an internet connection, router let you connect different devices such as tablets, computers, smartphones, and TVs for transfers and streaming videos. You can also enjoy playing online games with family members or friends.

Device portability- Wifi routers are easily portable and convenient to place anywhere in your home. In addition to this, you can also take them wherever you go or want.

Eliminate the mess of handling lots of wires- No one likes the cable wires lay on the floor or inside walls! Wireless router doesn’t require wires thus; you can have more free time and energy for doing other things instead of dealing with the mess of cables.

High-speed internet access- Wireless routers are designed using dynamic innovative routing techniques so they have extended functionality to reduce the network traffic by broadcast domains.

Secure internet connection- Wi-fi routers feature high-end security mechanisms, so users can enjoy secure network connections all the time.

In order to have speedy access of internet, one needs to consider router setup:

Let’s have a look at the procedures below followed for the setting up of different routers:

Step 1: Position your wireless router at the location from where it can provide the maximum coverage. Connect all the hardware and other devices you want to hardwire with Ethernet cables. Try to connect no less than one computer to manage your router settings.

Step2: Connect your router to the Network provider! Power on your router to develop a wi-fi network, all your devices will get connected to the wifi connection of router.

Step 3: Access the website of Internet Service Provider! Login using your username and password given by the internet service provider-> go to the MAC address update option-> Here; enter the MAC address of your router and save it.

Step 4: Now, you have to configure the router! Go to the web browser and type LAN IP address of wireless ADSL router in the address bar -> press enter. A default router IP address of the ADSL router is

Step 5: Open the wireless settings and enter your username and password in the login page. Now, you can access the main menu of the router.

Step 6: Next, set a name for your wireless network! Select a security method and create a passphrase, and save all the settings.

Step 7: Change the username and password of the router from the default. Finally, connect all the devices.

The process is quite confusing! No worries, we explain each and every step in detail so you can enjoy a simplified router setup process.

What services do we provide?

If you are facing an issue in setting up your wireless router, then don’t think much and go for the router setup service provider. We follow an effective procedure for router setup.

We provide router setup services for wireless router, gaming router, Linksys router, Belkin router, portable wifi router, ADSL router and dual-band router. We have a proficient team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in router settings. We can help you resolve wifi signal problem by providing wifi signal amplifier and wifi extender also known as range expander or extender. Basically, it is a form of wifi repeater used to increase the range of wireless LAN. This wifi signal booster is placed between the router and access point. Wireless range extender catches the signal and retransfers it. The key benefit of range extenders is increasing signal strength and overcome obstructions.

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